Frequently Asked Questions

Wright Tanks Ltd FAQs

Why the ProTec?

The Wright ProTec 10000 Wastewater Treatment Plant is the only domestically available treatment plant on the market that will not cross contaminate if there is a power failure. We have had independent testing conducted on the many ProTec's around the country by 2 different regulatory bodies. The ProTec has exceeded the advanced secondary requirements of treated effluent on all occasions.
When you choose to purchase and install the ProTec, or any other septic tank with Wright Tanks Ltd we give you a free 1 to 2 year service contract, no one else does that.

Why a concrete septic tank?

There are huge pressures on tanks when buried. So all of our Septic Tanks and the Wright ProTec 10,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant are handmade with all of the chambers of the system contained within one tank. This eliminates any flaws that occur with other methods of concrete tank construction and increases their strength dramatically. Other materials that are used in manufacturing tanks is not as strong as concrete and quite prone to damage from those pressures found upon them.

How much will the full installation cost me?

As every site is unique, a site visit will be needed to determine what it will cost to install. However, we can send out a free quote for you to get an idea. The quote is based on standard installations; we would need to arrange a free site assessment to draw plans and to prepare reports for council. Only after a site assessment can we finalize any quote.

How much does it cost to run the system? (power)

For an average 4 bedroom home, the average cost is 28 to 34 cents per day.
The systems can also be set on timers to run at specific times. So the system can be shut down into holiday mode until used again.

How is the effluent, treated?

Within the Wright ProTec 10,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant the effluent undergoes 6 stages of processing before been pumped out through the Disposal Field. There are 3 filters of varying particle filtration sizes that it must travel through during these stages. Each stage is under constant testing and development to ensure excellent results of treated effluent is attained.

What happens if there is a power cut?

The Wright ProTec 10,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant has 3 to 4 days back up capacity in such cases. (This depends on the loading on the system.) The Wright ProTec 10,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant is the only Treatment Plant on the market that will not cross contaminate if the effluent levels within the tank rise above its normal working heights.

Do the filters need replacing, can they be cleaned?

No they don't need replacing. They are not a traditional filter as such. They do not wear out or deteriorate over time. They can be cleaned, as it is this happens during the 6 monthly services.

Can I have a waste disposal unit?

Yes you can use a Waste Disposal Unit with the Wright ProTec 10,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

What on-going costs are there?

All Wright Tank Products have a 10 year warranty on the constrution of the concrete plant. Pumps and electrical work have a two year warranty. For systems installed by Wright Tanks Limited we offer a service contract with the client. The cost of a service is $165.00 +GST once every six months. (Subject to Change.)

Depending on the load on the system. (How many people are in the house.) The primary chamber needs to be sucked out every 3-6 years, this can cost up to and around $500.

What about Independent service providers. Any good?

Some Independent service providers are quite reputable. However others that say they know how to take care of specific systems may not. There are a lot of 'cowboys or cowgirls' out there so be cautious. Wright Tanks Ltd gives you a 1 to 2 year service contract free with every install with Wright Tanks Ltd. After this time we offer you the opportunity to extend this contract. Who knows best, the team that designed and built the system, or someone going around saying they have all the experience in the world?