Septic Tank, Water Tank, or Sewage Treatment Plant required?


Need a Septic Tank System or Water Tank for clean fresh water for your new home? Or maybe a Sewage Treatment Plant for rural industry, or a water pump to improve your water pressure? We can cater for you. 

Wright Tanks Limited is a member of The New Zealand Concrete Tank Manufacturers Association. This insures all of our Septic Tanks & Water Tanks are made to the highest of standards.

The Wright ProTec 10000 Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of the highest performing Domestic and Commercial wastewater treatment plants on the market. With unique fail safe features it is the only one designed and built for piece of mind satisfaction. We design, test, build, install and service our product, no other wastewater company can say that. Wright Tanks will be there for you through the entire process.

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"From the boss to the field crew Wright Tanks provided outstanding customer service. Approachable, friendly and good at their job. Great to work with"

Peter Coldicott - Rural Customer near Oamaru.

Wright Tanks, South Island


Septic Tanks, Water Tanks, Sewage Treatment

Septic Tanks, Water Tanks, Sewage Treatment

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