GT500 Filter

The GT500 Effluent Filter has the best technology in the industry and is designed to work in conjunction with the GT150 to provide the best possible protection for your effluent systems.

The GT500 Effluent Filter has a disk spacing of 100 microns or 300 micron depending on application. These filters are the first 100 micron and 300 micron passive filters to be developed in the world and is leading by example.

The GT500 Effluent Filter uses advanced filtration technology to improve the quality of the effluent enormously before it enters your disposal field.

The GT500 Effluent Filter technology lets solids no more than 0.1mm or 0.3mm through into the next chamber depending on the filter used. It is installed in to ensure high quality effluent discharge.

Patented design.

150mm Diameter
For residential and commercial applications

               Excellent for:
               Biological treatment plants
               Pumped effluent systems
               Drip irrigation lines
               Different designs are available for specialised systems.

               Industry Leading Design
               Superior effluent quality
               Solids down to 100 microns or less
               Saves costs on drainfield materials
               Superior patented design
               Extends the life of your effluent field
               Corrosion proof
               Installation is simple
               Simple, user-friendly cleaning
               Saves on the overall cost of your complete effluent package
               To be used with the GT150 Septic Filter

The Wright ProTec 10000 Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wright ProTec 10,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant produces superior quality effluent using the latest development in effluent filter technology.