GT150 Filter

The GT150 Effluent Filter uses advanced filtration technology to improve the quality of the effluent enormously before it enters your disposal field.

The GT150 Septic Filter technology lets solids no more than 1mm through into the next chamber of the system it is installed in to ensure high quality effluent discharge.

For new septic tanks or for retro-fitting of existing septic tanks.

Patented design.
150mm Diameter

For residential and commercial applications 

Excellent for:

Gravity fed septic tank systems
Pumped effluent systems
               Grease traps

Different designs are available for specialised systems.

Industry Leading Design

Better effluent quality
Saves costs on drain field materials
Superior patented design
Extends the life of your effluent field
Corrosion proof
Installation is simple
Simple, user-friendly cleaning
Saves on the overall cost of your complete effluent package

The Best Defence for your Effluent System

The GT150 Effluent Filter

The GT150 Septic Filter technology lets no more than 1mm solids through to the next chamber for high quality discharge.

People say it costs a lot of money for a quality septic system.
That doesn’t have to be the case when you use the advanced filtration technology of the GT150 Effluent Filter.
The GT150 Effluent Filter technology improves the quality of the effluent enormously before entering your disposal field.


Effluent from the clear zone of the septic tank enters the GT150 Effluent Filter through its inlet holes.
Effluent then enters the space between the discs utilizing the entire disc surface for filtering and bacterial build up. Solids larger than 1mm are held back on the disc wall for decomposing and breaking down purposes.
Once the effluent has been filtered through the discs it flows up the front of the filter and through the outlet of the filter.


The Wright ProTec 10000 Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wright ProTec 10,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant produces superior quality effluent using the latest development in effluent filter technology.